Guest Comments

I just wanted to compliment you on what you have done with the place and especially the ground.  Your staff has also been really good to work with.Your doing a great job with the place and I really look forward to working together.  Kudos!!

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thanks for everything.  All the years that we have been here, this year was the smoothest we have ever had with unlocking of stalls, RV’s and delivery of shavings.   To my knowledge, there was not a single occurrence of a contestant coming back to the show office to tell us that they were still waiting for stalls and/or shavings, which has not been the case in years past.    Please give the entire staff our gratitude.

Texas Smokin' Guns participant letter of apprec.
Everything was set up the way we like it. As always, I can count on anyone at the facility to take care of our wants and needs.  Staff is very friendly and happy to do whatever is needed and they kept the facility clean.
AMHR/October 2013
Thanks for making our show a success. We were welcomed immediately with open arms. Everyone was extremely helpful, friendly, and great.  Personnel constantly checked on us and assisted in every way possible. We want to come back. The food was good.
We were very impressed with everybody at the Expo. They quickly responded to our many requests, and were always so pleasant and professional. We love the venue.
Granbury Quilters/October 2013


Clean facility, wonderful staff, and good job to all!
Kyle’s Care/September 2013